Sustainability Strategy Consulting and Advisory

An effective economic, environmental and social sustainability strategy is one that empowers a business to build resilience while strengthening performance and creating tangible business value, above and beyond business-as-usual activities.  An implementable sustainability strategy guides a company to optimize decisions, investments and processes as well as to assess business risk and change course where necessary. It is as essential to today’s businesses as a financial, human resources, marketing and sales strategy to ensure the long-term survival and performance of a business or brand. Sustainable companies understand their operating environment, their position in society, their stakeholders and relevant social, environment, economic and governance issues.  They integrate “the long term” into their thinking and align themselves towards clear priorities and goals.

We guide companies to define, shape and implement intelligent social and environmental sustainability solutions.  We provide our clients with information and tools to create credible, measurable and attainable sustainability strategies and programs.  We deliver resilient strategies, robust metrics and credible tools. Sound science-based data and in-depth understanding of your core business supports our service offerings. We can help you identify barriers to sustainability integration and recommend practical and cost-effective measures for buy-in and uptake.

We assist clients to identify key trends, frameworks, stakeholder perceptions and best practices in relation to our their activities and objectives. We prioritize issues based on their strategic relevance and stakeholder’s expectations. We support our clients in understanding emerging risks and challenges, and in aligning existent risk management systems.  We evaluate current performance on key governance, social and environmental issues, and provide recommendations that our clients can act upon. We use existent frameworks and standards like GRI, Global Compact, ISO 26000, AA1000, Principles for Responsible Investment, and Sustainability Indexes of stock markets as reference to identify gaps and opportunities. We also provide performance comparison with competitors, standards and norms requirements and support the strategic positioning of our clients.

Our depth of experience enables us to provide clients with data-driven and science-based insights into performance and score improvement and identify streamlining opportunities between various reporting frameworks.

Sustainability Strategy Development & Advisory

  • Sustainability Strategy Facilitation, Development and Implementation

  • Materiality Analysis / Assessment

  • Stakeholder Analysis, Mapping, Engagement and Workshop Facilitation

  • Science-based and robust metrics, goals and target setting

  • Resource Efficiency Strategies (water, energy, waste, food systems, land)
  • Assurance and Verification Services

  • ESG, Responsible Investing Due Diligence Assessments and Post-Investments Monitoring

Compliance Management

  • Risk reduction performance improvement and compliance with international management systems, standards and guidelines (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 31000, etc.)

  • Development and Deployment of tailored enterprise software tools and solutions to help clients to measure, manage, engage and report on performance and meet their enterprise governance, risk and compliance obligations. We are the Authorised Channel Implementation Partner for IsoMetrix, one of the world’s leading providers of enterprise software solutions for Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). We are fully competent in the deployment and user-support of IsoMetrix’s hyper-agile and fully integrated enterprise software solutions for Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG), Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Internal Audit (IU) and Compliance.

Carbon Emissions Management Strategies & Advisory

  • Carbon Tax Advisory

  • Carbon Emission Assessment

  • Carbon Emissions Offsetting / Trading

Corporate Governance

  • King IV Governance Reviews and Gap Analysis

  • Board Effectiveness Assessment and Performance Monitoring

  • Board Committee Codes, Charters and Policies Development