Integrated Reporting and Communication for Sustainability

Stakeholders increasingly demand of companies to define a broader societal role for themselves, and communicate how they are tackling more of society’s economic, social and environmental problems. Aided by radical transparency and ever-present social media connectivity, stakeholders are now able to scrutinize business performance in these issues more thoroughly. Companies that neglect to proactively shape, report and tell their curated societal and environmental value creation and capture story eloquently and coherently will have social media do so for them.

Effective corporate communication and reporting strategies are fundamental to transparency, accountability and sustainability, and play a key role in establishing trust and enhancing collaboration between the company and the society within which it operates. Our focus is to help businesses craft credible and fact-based communication strategies and corporate stories of value creation and impact on society and communicate it with clarity, sincerity and honesty, whilst building trust and strengthening relations with stakeholders.

We deliver sustainability communications strategies that are adapted to internal and external audiences.  We create sustainability communication strategies within and amongst organizations and society and support sustainability, integrated thinking and integrated reporting processes. We are enthusiastic about harnessing social media opportunities in integrated reporting and stakeholder engagement.

Our team effortlessly couples the technical and scientific world of integrated thinking, integrated reporting and social, environmental and governance sustainability with the ability to craft dynamic visuals and reports that tell a story behind the metrics.  We make use of data visualisation, analytics and info-graphics to help stakeholders understand your value creation story and contribution to society, and render it more tangible. We deliver reporting that highlights commitments and milestones achieved, whilst engaging content built around dynamic design.

Integrated Reporting Processes

  • We establish and monitor integrated and sustainability reporting processes.

  • We help structure reports, and define their content development, design, layout and production that is aligned with stakeholder expectations and relevant King IV, Integrated Reporting Framework and GRI4.
  • We Evaluate and Review integrated and sustainability reports in line with standards, best practices and stakeholders expectations, and provide recommendations to improve report structures, content, reporting processes and management systems.

  • We provide assurance for Integrated Reports to increase credibility of performance statements with external verification of data and management processes, adding value for the reporting organizations and society.

  • Support participation in sustainability rankings and ratings tools, such as TCFD, SDGs, CDP, PRI, CRISA, UN Global Compact and ESG performance. We offer trainings , gap analyses, short- and mid-term recommendations (roadmap), briefing workshops for involved departments, and a quality check for your response.

  • We develop software for sustainability management to support companies in measuring, improving and communicating sustainability performance.

Sustainability Communication Strategy

  • We develop, implement and monitor sustainability communication strategies, for internal and external stakeholders.